Helping children cope with school shootings

Posted by New Horizons Counseling Center


Helping our children cope with school shootings Images of the latest school shooting in Parkland FL saturated the news and social media. It is normal for children of all ages to worry that it might happen in their own schools. Although no one can guarantee that a shooting won’t happen in their own schools, we cannot allow children to live in constant fear. What can you do for your children when depression, fear and anxiety take hold? Mental health experts agree that talking with your kids is paramount in helping them cope with the reports of school shootings.

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Depression: We Can Help You

Posted by New Horizons


It’s been said that depression is the common cold of mental health disease. Though not unusual, this chronic mental disorder is a serious, real disease. Symptoms can be life threatening. The good news is that depression is quite treatable, often through medication or psychotherapy or a combination of both.

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