New Horizons Counseling Center (NHCC) was established for you, the client, so that we may provide a safe and healthy environment for your mental health needs. We are confident in providing our clients with a wide range of specialties to meet each individual and/or family concern with compassion and understanding.



Children ages 3-12 experiencing issues with anger, ADD/ADHA, dual families, inappropriate behaviors, abuse and more.


Young Adults

Adolescents and young adults experiencing issues with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, socialization with peers, eating disorders, drugs, split families, school, parents, sex and more.



All couples and families with issues involving avoidance, sex, affairs, individual needs and wants, divorce, romance, children, co-parenting and more.



Individual issues, specifically tailored for men and women, life changes, bereavement, loss of interest, family conflicts, life and work stress, traumatic events, addictive disorders such as alcohol, gambling, drugs and more.


We’re Here to Help

We are confident in providing our clients with a wide range of specialties to meet each individual and/or family concern with compassion and understanding.

At NHCC, we are aware of the sensitive and confidential nature of your visit and want to protect you as you take the courageous steps towards better mental health.


Our Clients Say it Best
  • Peace, understanding and help for the future. The whirlwind that was my mind has been calmed and soothed, leaving me much more peaceful. I was given an understanding of why I was feeling so emotionally bad. Instead, I was taught how to overcome those terrible feelings. The experience was not simply me droning on to a sympathetic ear. With the knowledge that painful feelings were bound to crop up in the future, my New Horizons therapist taught me ways to cope. –Paulita C.